Sentimentality, enthusiasm, adrenaline
Combined with erection inducing recollections
Of your five foot frame riding the six foot giant
The cocktail is impossibly potent
I am powerless
Tag teamed by Cupid and Dexter
Syringe to the jugular
I falter
Shield breaks
Doubt passes out
Uncertainty passes out
Self-control passes out
"I love you"
The words just come out
Yelled from atop a stronghold of innocence
Where Candor reigns supreme
Past drenched with lies and decadence
I was no better than a fiend
My days of dichotomy are now behind me
The alien is gone
Able to regain my humanity
I was reborn
Wes risen from the depths
After three years of getting reacquainted with the sun
My refreshed senses sensed you
Sought you out and found you
Thus putting my tensed existence in presence of what could be:
A perfect future.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've been through a divorce and have been single ever since; a little over three years; this piece is about a woman finally inspiring me, making me believe in a sentimental tomorrow.
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Force_ONE_Bloccade's picture

I really enjoyed this! You

I really enjoyed this! You are not alone in the feeling when it comes to this one, and it's pretty awesome that the concept is something i grasped previous to reading the explanation. I recently lost my fiancee, and I still have yet to find the person you are describing here, but do have hopes. This excites me for when and if I do, though. Great work! :)

MrWes76's picture

thank you sir! i've found the

thank you sir! i've found the person but there isn't any reciprocity (sigh)
i guess that means more poetry for me to write, lol