A view on God

We people of earth and not here on grounds that we have been sent here in sin. We have been sent here to learn and develop. To grow and succeed. To help a greater power than ourselves. Maybe just maybe we have been sent here as the brain, knowledge, ideas of a power greater than ourselves. We’ve been sent here to help this power grow and develop to make things better for us. We are the brain of this thing helping it learn and grow and make the world better for ourselves. Maybe the pain on earth is the pain of the greater thing than ourselves realising that its not help its people as it should have. Maybe it’s as primitive as us and doesn’t really know anything and over time we have helped it grow in knowledge and help it to understand what to do to make the world a better place for us. Maybe also we are helping it to live and to keep its life interesting and thus it is helping to keep our lives interesting as well. Maybe its here to help us keep safe and to keep sanctity on earth like a giant ‘don’t do this’ sign to help us understand and stop fighting. Maybe death is just a way of making sure that the knowledge of this thing is kept secret and to stop us from over taking this thing and leaving it behind to slowly die. Slightly like a child wanting all the toys in the box. Maybe also all the lessons we learn on earth and used as one big brain in this thing so that all the knowledge can be stored in one area for use as new people are born and created and given to the world. To give them a head start in getting new knowledge and ideas to help this primitive mind grow and flourish. Maybe this thing keeps testing us to help us learn and develop and to make us better people and more knowledgeable so we can start to live by ourselves without beliefs of things that may not exist and so that we can look after ourselves. Maybe this thing has a gender or is it just a thing and are we only are judging it on character? Could we possibly be living an elusion, a dream and one day this might all stop suddenly as this thing wakes up? Or are we a board game like snake and ladders sometimes we go up and other times we go down and when we reach that 100th place then its time to move you onto the next game. Or are we like a giant dolls house and things are put in our way to make a great story for this thing. Just maybe it’s the other way round we are playing this thing like a game and it’s suffering the consequences and thus is making us suffer them. Or did we start off at that 100th place and mess up somewhere and got sent back to space 1 and are now learning and playing this game hoping to get back to that 100th place and splendour will follow. Or does this thing not exist and we have thought this up to make our lives more full and exciting and to give us something to believe in. Or is this really just a big elusion like I have said and that maybe we have added to this elusion to keep this dream alive so that we can continue to live and learn and try to escape an every closing fate. Thus problems, solutions, people, drama, pain, emotions are all being used to keep us alive and kicking and keep this dream interesting and alive. We are playing a story for this thing. Stop the story and you stop the life we live maybe forever. Maybe we have all been brainwashed by this existence. Maybe the miracles we read about in the bible are no more than a game for something and maybe these too are elusions on top of the elusion that already exist. This elusion is full of potholes and drama and people doing things wrong. It’s like a giant drama performance but put on by a magnificent cast. Maybe one day the thing will clap and applaud like a crowd would and would celebrate our drama skills and our story line. Or maybe I am talking rubbish but how can you know. You’re probably under the same cloud of not knowing as me so up to you if you want to accept my ideas. But remember this we don’t really know anything. We have had to learn and develop to get where we are now. So maybe we have been playing ourselves like a game always trying to outdo each other. Always hungry for power, knowledge and inflictive fear on others. So maybe this thing is just a way of striking fear into us so that we don’t stand up for what we think is right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Found this on my computer, its just a series of views on what God is. Its not supposed to be offensive to any religious people, its simply just an opinion

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