My Love, My Fox


Your Beauty blinds me like a bat,

Your eyes sparkle as much as the moon rising beyond the stars,

Your smile is as beautiful as a flower blooming,

Layin’ without you feels emptiness,

While chocolate brings happiness.


Letting my guard down has been hard,

Changes are difficult,

The path to the future is the biggest optimistic,

Just thinking about you makes me all warm inside,

My heart melts each time I see you.


You sparkle is in a phenomenal way that is unexplained,

I may bleed purple,

But I have been bleeding green,

Although you may be a little crazy for me,

Your heart has captured me.


Every day you smile,

You awe me in happiness.

You drive me crazy,

As I drive you bonkers.


Each day our love grows,

Each day we learn more.

Sorry for being a scripted robot,

But it is who I am.


I may drive you nuts at times,

But hope you know,

I care for you.

You may not see it,

But in my heart, I feel that you know.


I may not be perfect,

We may not have the same hobbies,

But hope you know,

We can always think of good ideas together!

We become a team each and every day!


I have taken risks,

I am slowly broking my bubble,

I am still learning,

But you are still my #1 Fan!


You are my biggest supporter,

As I am your supporter too,

Although you want me to prioritize myself more,

But at the same time in my heart,

You are still #1 to me

But most important of all,

I love you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Valentine's Day Poem for my Girlfriend! <3

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