The lover I am

I'm not a perfect lover, but I really try

Sometimes I'm ashamed of myself, but no one can judge

No one knows how I struggle with myself sometimes

The voices I hear make everything quiet 


Wish there was a way of hearing my heart

I do what I can but we speak different languages

My emotions confuse me, they make someone I'm not

But the question is: who am I?


I can be the best and the worst person

Sometimes I'm a lover, sometimes I'm the devil

I lose control of myself and then I take it back

I feel drunk with just my mind


I question everyone and everything, especially myself

Who rules the world? I would say my brain

Movies are nothing compared to what I think

The images I see are clear and bright


The night feels like a dive into my memories and the future 

I get lost inside myself

I feel my lips touching him and suddenly I forget my name


I'm a lover but I don't know what love is

Life only made me realize there are no answers for me

I guess I'll have to figure it out by myself




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello again! Sorry for not being online for so long, I forgot about this site, but i'm back. Thank you for all of your support, the comments and the views. It means a lot. Hope everyone's ok!

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just be your self,love comes

just be your self,love comes natural

ron parrish