Personal World

He was accepted
That had never happened before

He was wierd
But so are we all

He made a mistake
That was totally unacceptable!

He ran about
In a drunked state

Groped my friends
That hurt me enough

Groped myself
Then I saw red

All I saw was him
On a dartboard with blood dripping down

Then I saw friends
With anger like mine

Ready to see red
With blood dripping down.

I then saw friends
In pain and anguish.

As they had been harmed
Much more than myself.

They had deeper issues
I had long dealt with.

They had trauma
I had long dealt with.

A suicidal friend
In more pain than I had seen.

I was then a friend
To help her deal

I listened
With nods and sighs

I didn't want to hear
Where she had long been

Another friend
In a lesser degree of pain

Helped me deal
With the pain I'd taken on-board

My husband helped
My letting me through the pain

He'd also been there
But didn't have to tell me how

Just needed to listen
As I had been.

He was accepted
That had never happened before

He was weird
And will never be accepted again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Someone really annoyed me!

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Erin Mitchell's picture

I like it and can guess who it's about. Erin xx