There's a fire burning bright

In the dead of the night

And no moon to be seen


There's a boy in the light

Bathed by flames all so bright

he looks quite serene.


With a flick of his hand,

Flames leap to his command!

His mood seems to change...


As we near to this scene

Flames change orange-red to green

And this bit begins to fade...


As this mirage does fade,

The boy's hair becomes greyed,

And before us is an old man. 


Dishevelled, aged and thin

He starts to invite us in

To the magical world surrounding. 


Do we enter? No I shan't!

No, I won't! I really can't!

But the words seem to evade me. 


As I step closer still,

The vale over spills

And I'm sucked away in his vortex. 


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I would give you a like if I

I would give you a like if I could.

Oldness lurks closer then you think.

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That I do understand. I think

That I do understand. I think many don't.