My mind

He said I could count him in anything

But the only thing he didn't know

Was that the things I felt inside

Were better off alone


Nobody knew how they were

Only I

My mind was playing tricks

It was all a lie


You were stuck on my head

All the time

It was so hard to let it go

Now I can't take it alone


The only thing I know

Is that I know nothing

Please leave me alone

I can't take it no more


We're just toys in this game

We play and we get hurt

I want to be somewhere

But I'm trying to figure out where


What if I could stop this?

Will it be alright?

It would be all empty?

I have to play fire with fire


I want to hug the empty

"Please take me with you"

These humans that I live it

Didn't understand the things i knew


I took it in my head

It was always there with me

Music echoing in my ears

The warm atmosphere


It will never get any louder

I'm turning black


If the voices I heard

Were all a lie

Then why did they helped?

Getting trought all the stuff they tried me to buy




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allets's picture

"I want to hug the empty..."

Great line! ~S~



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thank you so much! it means a

thank you so much! it means a lot to me