Significant other

My significant other is more like insignificant keeping me completely bent out of the norm rather it's during his storm of rage or during his calmness on the flipped page my significant other chooses to remain keeping me caged up like I'm good for nothing when he puts up a front for others, blinding them to his bluffing....

Ahhh the key to how he lures others in close enough to transform their shine into being dimmed. As I could never forget his grin of enjoyment of tearing down what he pretended to being meant....

He is the one dent in my life permanently and 100% devoted to terminate me. Pain, sickness, teary eyed, exhausted and hungry would not make a difference.... responses always was well, but, after, I promise, and next time as he stood in front of me, starring into my eyes briefly yet bluntly. The significance of another can possibly turn to be insignificant, sickness, and an brutally event to never forget.

                                                                                          Marcelina Flores

                                                                                         -April 17th, 2014-

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