jan 9/21

HARRY -- don't be afraid 

I've come to help you 

It's my voice you hear 

whenever I'm near 


don't worry 

you're not losing your mind 

this is all about goodness 

and just being kind 

it simply boils down to 

the brotherhood of mankind 


No -- I'm not satan 

or some demon to be scared of 

you don't have to be afraid anymore 

for my message ends 

at a truly welcoming shore 


just follow my lead 

and obey all the rules 

for it will all work out ok 


both here and back there 

across the north atlantic 

and finally for you at long last 

back home there in the UK 


that pretty well wraps it up 

there's nothing more to add or say 


for they have kind hearts 

and they're your allies 

who sent me here 

it's plain & easy to see 


your world is in deep trouble now 

there's really no such thing 

as that south/asian holy cow 


the entire world 

is at a turning point 

so to speak 

because this trouble 

I've been told 

could make anyone's blood run cold 


yes -- it's now at it's peak 

for I am that ANGEL that you prayed for 

such a long time ago 

and you probably have long forgotten 

even now you still don't remember 

that one day way back in 1979 

back there in mid september 


so don't be frightened or weighed down 

with self doubt --- hold on for just a little while longer 

and keep your faith 

for you're not at all

losing your mind 

for I am what you prayed for 

I am your sign 


for those gentle kindred spirits 

from far far above and yes 


and always fighting way way out there in deep deep space 

that never ending war 

there among every star & planet & comet 

pretty well all over the place 


would you write down on paper 

to make a record and yes --- 

of course naturally --- 


for you even in rhyming poem 

here where caring & truth 

will eventually come to make their home 


let's make a note 

for all those people 

who are hopefully waiting

for some sign or so 

from GOD or just anyone at all 

to somehow let them know 

what path to follow 

and which way to go 


it's easy to see 

just follow my lead 

by being kind and honest 

and live by the GOLDEN RULE 

whatever that may be 


and you will find 

every day can be CHRISTMAS 

and every night will be 

a beautiful magical tale 


filled with many --- logs of yule --- 

and sometimes hearty ale 


for ANGELS --- really are real --- 

not like that children's fable 

where frosty the snowman 

came to life one day 

and he asked all the kiddies 

to come and play 


or so the children were heard to say 

on that one very special day 

when frosty the snowman 

came to life one day

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