may / 2020

may / 2020 




One gray day 

Caring and Kindness 

Came down from a cold 

and dark restless sky 

way beyond the clouds on high 


just a soft, quiet 

and gentle breeze 

that restless Autumn's dawn 

just before winter's 

first cold freeze 


they crossed the globe 

in silence 

over both sea and land 

together they sealed the fate 

of both contemporary woman 

and modern man 


Although with spoken word 

and pretty RHYMING poem 

they said over and over again 

that Caring and Kindness 

would never go there 

to find a home 


but they were all wrong 

for Caring and Kindness 

did stop there to stay 

on that restless 

cold and dark 

windswept morning 

and yes -- on that very day 


then one very young ANGEL 

with total innocence 

but in a quiet and shy way 

and most of all softly 

spoke to the voices from above 

on that cold dark AUTUMN's morning 

and on that cold dark day 


"Hey -- that place --" 

founded or based on love 

Why not call it "SUGARTOWN"? 

like in that old NANCY SINATRA song 

that stuff that comes down 

sometimes from above 


they said it was a big hit 

even way back there in the past 

when love was in style and faith 

were not just things that were 

forgotten -- back when happiness 

was often cast 


Didn't it go something like this ? 


Yesterday it rained 



I heard it also rained 


but not a drop fell on 

little old me 


'cause I was in --- SH SH SH 




and right then and there 

on that dark, cold and gray 

windswept morning on that Autumn's 

day -- they all agreed -- 

that it really was OK 


All those kind hearts -- way way -- 

out there -- way beyond the 

brightest stars -- even way past -- 

both JUPITER AND MARS -- they were  

heard to say and yes on that cold, 

dark AUTUMN morning -- that cold, 

dark AUTUMN day 


they all agreed to name, 

that place or even just a 

small rural village -- or let's

say whatever it was -- 



after NANCY SINATRA'S song 

one of her big hits of the 70's 

back there in the past -- when even 

faith and hope were in style 

and kindness was FOREVER cast 


Hey -- this plan could 

never go wrong 

they even put it in a song 


about a place founded or based 

on love -- and not really 

too far away 


but somewhere kind of close 

and near and always with 

lot's of friendship 


and very little 

along the lines of 

of doubt and fear 


that small farming town  

they later

dubbed or called 






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