I feel

open door's

I feel lost in this world

As if I was born at the wrong time 

I'm lost in this world for I have not

found my place in it


Troubled by the things have seen 

Over these years

Scared by the horros of this world

And all it is becoming


My fear controls my emotions and keeps 

Me weak

Taken by another day that bleeds me dry

Overcast sadness tears falling like rain drops


Escape is only but a dream that is longed for

My heart knows no freedom from the hurt it


           It Felt!

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"...as if I was born at the wrong time..." is a summary line for the poem that reached out and grabbed me. If I was born in, oh, 1803 I'd be a slave and have no Dell to talk about it on. I like this time for a lot of reasons. Bad times happen. So do good times. :D ~slc



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the best part of writing is

the best part of writing is when someone gets what you wrote

J meek