You, from out of the blue, a dream come true, every sinse

your debut my life flourishes anew.


When I first caught your eye my heart became elecitrified

but I was acting a bit shy so you simply passed me by.


Then you turned for another look, the Earth shook,

nevertheless, clueless but hooked, you remained a closed



I stood intimidated for you seemed so complicated so the

conversation you initiated and I was elevated. You. So

beautifully understated.


Hence your elegance leaves me in suspende, however you're

very clever the way you use commonsense.


Nonetheless, I acquiesce your beauty, your finesse, amazing

And I'm forever impressed with such faithfulness.


You... Timeless.




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You are a master of rhyme and

You are a master of rhyme and meter, taking us through a tender, gleaming, galloping heartsong which is an amazing tribute to your special someone. Loving and beautiful work.

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Thank you Patriciajj.