We struggle through life through the stress, through the strife it cuts like a knife but onward we travel crawling through the gravel while watching our lives unravel.


As we go on the prowl,, on our faces there's a scowl and a feeling of throwing in the towel.


While a breakthrough seems out of sight, thinking how can I make things right, suddenly it comes piercing through the night a beacon of light, it continues to get bright.


It was a heck of a scare, you got an answer to your secret prayer, knowing you were delivered out of your despair, even a nightmare.


So let's stop poking out our chests, boasting I'm the best when we know we've been Blessed. Instead of flapping our chops. Give Him, His Props.


Then the next time your life is on cruise control and you fall into a manhole or find yourself up a pole, just slow your roll.


Because whether you're on a mountain top or in a sweatshop before you call the cops or start flapping your chops. Remember He can remove all the stops.


It's Just proper To Give Him,  His Props.

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