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What's happening in America, another mass shooting, plane executing, it's uprooting and not computing. People are becoming bolder with huge chips on their shoulders and a lot colder.


America's is becoming divided it's being misguided amid so many that are undecided. to many loopholes, they don't want gun control and it's taking a hell of a toll, the answer, more patrol less parole.


it's time to wake up America, pull our heads out of the sand because a house divided shall not stand.


What about the opiod crisis, then there's Isis. While tons of guns are being dumped on the streets and Americans are being forced to take a back seat. Carjackings, computer hacking and the leaders are slacking.


As the big wis play Americans have become pray and left in total dismay because who has all the say. Big Pharma and The N.R.A.


Now weed is legal our national bird is becoming a pigion instead of an Eagle. America's stoned to the bone so many kids are being disowned, while gangs are on the rise, public outcries and all we get is wise guys telling lies.


they seem more insterested in being on T.V. everyone wants to be a celebrity as they keep rolling the dice and keep coming up craps, what's to follow, world economic collapse.


Just check out the crime, sign of the times, atrocious acts police are being over taxed and now the kids have to carry bullet proof backpacks. and it seems this is what we prefer, what do we watch on T.V. How to get away with murder


As we watch shows with spells, witches, demoms and charms thinking there completely innocent so there's no cause for alarm as we flock to the gun stores buying up all the firearms. Trying to hold the crooks at bay so on the children they prey, to get them hooked. and who end up with your high tech. weapons, The Crooks.


America, it's time to get off your tush we're being ambushed and you can plainly see the upheavel for there's a war going on between Good and Evil.


Let's stop twiddling our thumbs, we're being used as pawns as we let evil spawn and it's starting to make America look a lot like Babylon.


It's time to wake up America lets take a stand and tag hands because A House Divided Will Not Stand.


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We struggle through life through the stress, through the strife it cuts like a knife but onward we travel crawling through the gravel while watching our lives unravel.


As we go on the prowl,, on our faces there's a scowl and a feeling of throwing in the towel.


While a breakthrough seems out of sight, thinking how can I make things right, suddenly it comes piercing through the night a beacon of light, it continues to get bright.


It was a heck of a scare, you got an answer to your secret prayer, knowing you were delivered out of your despair, even a nightmare.


So let's stop poking out our chests, boasting I'm the best when we know we've been Blessed. Instead of flapping our chops. Give Him, His Props.


Then the next time your life is on cruise control and you fall into a manhole or find yourself up a pole, just slow your roll.


Because whether you're on a mountain top or in a sweatshop before you call the cops or start flapping your chops. Remember He can remove all the stops.


It's Just proper To Give Him,  His Props.

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Fear, cuts like a knife goes through you like a spear. It's really queer how it will adhere.


Make you cry many a tear, even ruin your career, won't even let you out of first gear.


And it will make it perfectly clear that it will appear during your premier Because fear is an insincere domineer.


But only if you let it cohere, then it will take away your cheer and replace it with drear.


So don't stay in your sphere, be a pioneer and get a change of atmosphere. Try it for a year.


Watch your fear disappear. You'll that feeling of all clear.

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It's all part of life.

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To endure is to mature. It will teach you how to spot manure, when to take a


detour and be able to resist the allure of the impure.


When you endure you become secure, see the contour of.things the that were


obscure and life you'll savour.


Now life will take you on a tour but if you endure this will ensure fervour. So why


not grad a brochure, take life's grand tour. Just make sure you endure.


Because Endurance is Insurance.



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It's all about Life.

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