Alive, this word brings some very good vibes. It means you have arrived, a beautiful spirit revived and it needs a high five cause it ain't no jive.


It means you're awake your life is yours to take so you can have and also eat your cake. Although you may experience heart ache when you find, some people in your life fake, even your best friend may turn out to be a snake.


Just be aware for life holds many a snare, when your world shake and quake give you a real scare, it wouldn't hurt to say a prayer, it will help to keep you square and it's for your sake coz there's so much at stake.


So be Alive and come out of the archives, strive and stay out of overdrive cause that can make you take a dive and if you connive you'll be deprived cause you're not here to just survive but thrive and that ain't no jive... Be Alive.

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