God's Lesson For Me


The truth came out 

when time healed all wounds.

You'd think the cut tore deep

opening and opening with each memory

but something transformed within me;

after all the nights without sleep

after all the lovers I could never keep

after all the miles traveled with only city lights 

to help me see,

after all the moments that took the wind from

the breath of which I breathe,

after all the reasons to make me believe

after all the seasons that passed like a movie scene

after all the times the mirror revealed the real me

after all the times I've tried and was redeemed

after all the sacrafices He made to let me live happily,

after all the times I questioned when the answer was

right in front of me,

after all of the tracks upon this path I lead,

after all of the words I've written explaining,

through all of the darkness and light-

I found the truth within God's love for me.

After all this, I can just Be, Me.

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Some of the planets, like

Some of the planets, like ours, rotate on tilted axes, not just straight up and down.  And planetary orbits (and, I suspect, the sun's galactic orbit) are ellipses, not perfect circles.  Our spiritual asymmetry is reflective of the Cosmos, which does not reflect our particular sense of perfection (in the English meaning of flawlessness), but rather reflects the Greek meaning of perfection, which is to be fully itself.  We are most fully ourselves with our flaws.  As a sacramentalist Christian, I devoutly believe that God embraces our flaws (in the same way God has embraced human language, ordinary water, and common bread and wine, as vehicles of revelation), rather than rejecting them outright, and, therefore we may acknowledge them, also, as vehicles of revelation.  Since last November, I have been bedridden, partially paralysed from the waist down, cathetered, and repeatedly infected in my lower internal organs.  I also have to aneurisms in my aortas.  I say all this not to elicit sympathy, because that would not help the situation, but to describe the last few months during which I have had some of the most intense spiritual experiences of my entire life.  Right now, my body is extremely flawed and failing; but, in the midst of those flaws and failure, the spiritual meaning is right there with me, not only to comfort me but to prepare me for the future.  I hope I have not been to verbose in responding this way to the message of your poem.


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