Goodbye my Love

My love, I still wish I could pull you close,

my hand along the curve of your spine,

and kiss your cheek, feel

you blush underneath my lips

and run my fingers through your hair,

all the while remaining open to you

--if you were to whisper to me a suggestion

that we might run away together

and leave everything else behind,

and our hearts would race because

we just might do it.

But love,

as I pine away after you,

I wonder if I'm more than this infant

who can plot and scheme to conquer your heart

but who at the end would relinquish all pride

to kick and scream.

I don't want

what we had,

each of us with our agendas

so in the shape of each other

that I'm sure it's been ages since I've seen

into your eyes and since you've seen

into mine.

My love, all I want is to find the courage to love again,

and so I pray that some bravery exists within


the heart of this goodbye, in which I wish you the same.  

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