No recovery

I'm here again, im whispering to myself,

"how long has it been?"

Im feeling cold, i need someone to hold,

someone too bold to scold,

but inside this cell i'll forever dwell,

I swear, this time, i'll try to get well.


A feeling of dread, filling up my fled self,

My lonliness, so breathless and reckless,

My depression, becoming my most precious obsession,

My ideals reveal a blackening burden,

My suffering, so tiring, it's almost as inspiring,

as my desiring wish for another beginning.


im lost for words, my actions are equal to guns,

you've helped me realise, how my words materlialise,

but, What the hell, did i do to deserve all of this?,

You killed me twice, and bid the price, of my demise.

but get this,

my rage is bliss, you swore i'd see a light so bright,

that i could fight this painful sight.

But all i saw was backlight of a shut tight homesite,

i'll try to stay polite, but this painful recite, might shine bright.