Lightning can’t fix us, smoke fills lungs faster 

than a blink holds.

See? I know every senseless thing.

Compulsion closed her in,

echoes of a popped branch and dust gathering

heart are parroted back

swaddled by arms, firm signs that there were helmed fierce

early hugs and bygones caring that tucked

itself between the vanishing

now spare the time to ask in simplicity

call me child again  

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"I know every senseless

"I know every senseless thing." We have that in common on several levels. I know the silly and the non-tactile, I am numb, the senses have shut down for a while now. Sensitive or sensate things are lacking in my repertoire. What is a senseless thing? - Nonsense? No! Things that can not feel. Eureka! I love the possibilities of this line. - Lady A



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and sad

I know the feeling



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot