Lazactive [Lazy + Active]

I think I am a lazactive person,

And there is a valid reason,

Behind calling myself so,

Which the readers should know.


I am very lazy when it comes to,

The normal works that others do,

But pretty active I am in writing,

That to me happiness does bring.


If I am lazactive,

Then many others alike are still active,

Near and far away,

Who can say?


Being lazy is going against the law of nature,

Work is what nature wants all to go after,

That is what Madness and Civilisation echoes time and again,

Like the wife-beaters, weird are the utterly idle men.


I think I am lucky,

Since I am not lazy,

In everything,

But active in something!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've invented a word viz. 'lazactive' [lazy + active; not the already available, Laz + active] that means a person who is normally lazy but becomes active sometimes. You can read the definition here:


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