A Lost Bird

A dull sound slapped the environment suddenly,

That I was thoughtfully in,

Hence I paid attention therein,

Found, to my surprise, at the pane an unknown company.


Yes it was a bird from a far-away land,

Maybe in much pain,

Chose my address during the rain,

I kept looking at it not moving an inch, nor even my hand.


The sky might have painted it blue,

Perhaps it was the sea,

So scared it was yet stunning to see,

What its thoughts were, I had no clue!


The bird began to glance inside my room,

But the vindictive wind kept on conspiring,

By intentionally dragging,

Its careful attention to doom.


Much it had flown, skimmed many worlds in bliss and agony,

Had this drone of nature been here before, the bird?

I wish it had the power to have a word!

 Oh! Gone it would be in seconds like thunderbolt, like history!

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