Witness the Rise of a Star

  There he is, not of the Orion, the earthly star,

  Not out of sight anymore,

  As happens to the moon,

  Defeats the dark clouds quite soon.



Destined he is to scale Mount Olympus,

  Finding himself as did Paul and Stephen Dedalus,

  Leaving the chains of evil memories behind,

  To seek something new, to find.



Dreamer like Lord Jim he is,

  They shall see the mountains kiss,

  The footsteps of him in raptures,

  Once are done the Herculean tasks.



His book is the Mother Nature,

  And the sky is his teacher,

  Restless he is like a cyclone,

  Yet pensive as the tranquil ocean.



Glory and grace be with his name time and again,

  May no Mephistopheles stop his lane,

  Achieve he shall what he craves for,

  Each oceanic foam of success makes him want more.









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