My Gifts for You

 I give you all the love,

 That the entire universe can ever hold,

 The fragrance of the sweet flowers,

 And the extensive hugs equal to the sky above.


  Receive the painting in the air,

 The smiling stars nearby and beyond,

 The beauty of the untamed fountains,

 And the birds’ affection pure.


  You have taken by now,

 The colour of red rose for the cheeks,

 And for the coral lips,

 Praise be with thee the daughter of snow.


   Don’t you apprehend it?

 The glow-worms’ love for you,

 Indeed carry they my impatient heart,

 Acting as mu'aqqib each night.  


  Let the moonlit night on my behalf sense thy beauty,

 And the ground thy feet kiss as soft as a dove’s breast,

 Wish I that the beloved stars emerged soon,

 Isn’t it when the Taj Mahal does shine in ecstasy?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the 5th line, 'painting in the air' indicates the 'rainbow'.

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