Who Loves More? Let the Rain Decide

 Far away we are,

 From each other,

 Don’t you miss me once,

 Even by chance?


  My Muse you are,

 With a heart like honey pure,

 From the earthly elves, you used to protect,

 Being next to ‘nature’ that they call art.


  Loving you is prayer,

 The way the winds yearn for,

 Kissing the roses and the mountains,

 Endeavour to cuddle the clouds, same with me happens.


  Who loves more?

 It may be you ‘my dear’,

 Or me, none can ever hide,

 Let the rain decide.


  As the bird for alms cries before the snow,

 I request you to behold the wailing sky and know,

 If the raindrops carry the memories,

 Back to life, will there be any room for lies?  


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