How do You Smile So Beautifully?

Your gorgeous smile,

Like Buddhist-mantra hypnotises me,

Even if the distance is,

A mile!


 There is nothing,

Called perfection on earth,

But your smile has proved me wrong,

In your cheeks I find that thing.


  The smile of thousands of flowers,

 And even of those newly born,

 Shall appear dead like a desert,

 Compared to your one, pride of plentiful summers.  


  Vinci’s Mona Lisa comes next,

 This is how my honesty like Oracle addresses,

 Since you are at the Mount Olympus,

 On the head with the Greco laurel circlet.


  Even though the sky allures like Morgan le Fay,

 And the wily adder,

 Each time the light and joy your smile brings,

 I cannot move my eyes away.




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