Let’s Step on the Cloud and Touch the Sky!

 Let the long-slept dream find consciousness,

 Let’s step on the cloud and touch the sky,

 You and I,

 Unlike Atlas, exhausted the birds are carrying the heavens.


 Reluctant you are, know I,

 The pyramid of thoughts is about to wither away,

 As the sun leaves the day,

 Don’t let my heart like desert go dry.


  It’s none but you,

 That I get my energy as soon,

 As I meet you like the moon,

 Does depend on the sun to glow.


  I know of the hard days,

 From within yet there are rays,

 Which have left you broken,

 At the other side of the warren.


  Know you must ‘my love’,

 Phoebus, the space and the galaxies beyond,

 Knowing of my love for you, shall respond,

Since truth flies in my heart that befriends Platonic love.

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