Me and My Loneliness

Why do I feel alone?

When I like Emily Dickinson am not on my own,

I can find myself amid others,

Hearing the words, receiving smiles.


Why do I feel alone?

Having heartbeats as faithful companion,

And the moon’s affection for me,

As experienced by Hemingway’s Old Man with the waves of the sea.


Why do I feel alone?

When the bad days are gone,

The present has presented possibilities, many,

Asking for being utilised properly.


Why do I feel alone?

With the parents’ love and affection,

And the blessings of those aged ones,

Those are pure like honey devoid of puns.


Why should I feel alone?

After sieving the elements that my thoughts have shown,

Isolation of O’Neill’s Emperor Jones and Conrad’s Kurtz sprang from misdeeds,

Yet at times loneliness’ company human heart badly needs.


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