How sweet the word mother is!

How full of beauty reminding the Mother of Maxim Gorky,

You have made me indebted with the opportunity,

To myself in the light cleanse.


You are my pride,

My soul is not mine but yours,

Since it is the artifact of which you are the source,

Can you ever conceal affection? No you cannot hide.


I do not exactly know,

How to make you feel happy,

Is there really any possibility,

To compensate for all the hardships and agonies undergone by you?


Impossible is the answer,

  Please forgive me for making you weep once in a while,

I can never forget the moment while I achieve something special,

You shed tears in ecstasy; your precious teardrops truly inspire.


I miss you mother believe me,

I know that I have not been a child perfect,

But that I love you so much is known to you, you cannot reject,

 I promise mother I will try to make myself what you want me to be.


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