Right after the birth, the chain of relationships starts on,

 Friendship being the one sweet correlation,

 Teaches us to do the undone, to dream the undreamt,

 So special a tie that knows no contempt.


Friendship lets the true friends share almost everything,

A healthy process to get of earthly tension’s string,

The bridge of minds keeps insisting on to meet up,

 At the park, on the rooftop or by the boulevard with a warm teacup.


The tea-vapour is thrilled; the stomachs get filled with snacks,

Time is half-dead; a restless one abruptly smacks,

Another gestures to go home,

 But the sweet chaos erects a blissful dome.


At the end of the day, time consistently is the winner,

Becomes triumphant to separate the friends in its own manner,

The meeting becomes stale, but the memories are ever fresh,

That act like grain that none can thresh.


Every now and then, friendship gives birth to courage,

Touching the involved ones regardless of space and age,

 Separation like death does appear with a pointed spike,

 The hearts echo Tennyson’s agony after death’s strike.




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