Freedom Is..

Freedom is..

It's a nightmare

We dream in the morning.

Freedom is swimming

In murky waters

And never get frightened.

Were you afraid:

To gather the mud;

To get the taunt at;

To get rabid and mad

At having much

Of its deep scars?


Freedom is that broken box..

Freedom is hell in wrath.

Freedom is a sinner,

Once was a sin

Dreaming to be god,

Nobody could tame,

Only thinking CAN,


in silence

To the corridors

Of your conscience,

But you never listen.


Though freedom is evil,

It is human comfort.

A decadent meal

We tasted once

When we were kids.


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A New Freedom

Lives in the imagination! 



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Hi, friend! Yeah. It is in

Hi, friend! Yeah. It is in imagination. ☺️ But you know, I wrote this poem thinking when you try to do the things you wish to, it would take a lot of courage and when it is beyond the social conformity, people may taunt you. And, you feel as tarnished. But the feeling of great liberation is there until, you say you are doing fine.