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I am a person interested in writing. I have read works by men such as Shakespeare and strive to be like them; my goal as a poet is to be as successful as I can be because life is only so short.

When I'm not writing poems I usually due things such as studying history (mainly Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, and Europe's history altogether, but sometimes I'll research the Ancient Americas --Aztec, Maya, Inca, etc.--). I am fascinated by the cosmos and spend a lot of time using my telescope to look at planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, you name it; plus, I go into forests and woods to observe the life there. It may sound like I'm one of those monks who focuses on nature and all that, but no, I like to do paintball and go into the wildlife not just to observe life, but survive using it (usually for a few days). The one thing I do most is play video games, I have an Xbox One and play games such as: the Assassin's Creed series, Call of Duty, Battlefield 4, and much more (if you have an Xbox you can find me by searching the gamertag: RomanVengeance). That should've covered most of who I am.

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It's normal.

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History, Astronomy, Exploration, Survival, Airsoft/Paintball, and Video Games.


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