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"Occupy the Emerald City,
circumvent the greed,
stand until the crumpled silence
reaches yonder hill.
But it remains a pity,
hearts will always bleed,
cessation of violence,
targets lighter kill.

Mind changes will to bone,
novel prospects dread,
Windows' vaulted mysteries,
lofty eyes retreat.
Hunger is best intoned,
when keepers are fed,
hopelessness makes history,
media loves meat.

Cannibal convention,
appetite for treason,
sanctity is mealtime,
breathless shallow days.
Animal intention,
starving with the season,
facing loss in real time,
everybody prays...."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About the Occupiers, their courage, plight, and resolve. But, in the end, we all bow to Somebody.

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