I always love animals,

Specially the ones in trouble,

I make the same mistake,

“It will be fine” I WHISPER…

But this week I saw a fox,

Lying on the gutter,

His eyes glazed,

Like a vagina violated,

She was bleeding,

And I could not feel anything!


Cos evil was lighting her eyes,

So I choose the stone,

And crash her skull,

Some bitches deserve,

What come round,

I was glad to lick,

The warm blood on my lips,

Remind of the unstable whore,

Don’t work and spend weeks,

Writing empty, hollow words,

Who were never reads,

I saw the corpse lying this morning,

Maggots, sins she accuse all,

Crawling on her skin,

And thank I have no god or jesus,

To forgive my act,

I forgive from my heart,

And there is nothing to forget,

Decompose from existence,

There is nothing you can do,

To steals the stone,

Stain with her blood….




Author's Notes/Comments: 

as much as love animal, i have toi accept/ admit their is bad seed who need a messy to crash them, before then hurt more.

god please if u could at  least make those creature, STERLILIZED.

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