You so unusual,
Why haven’t you break my heart yet?
Is there anything left to shatter to pieces?
I wonder, so I turn to phonographic!

Let me feel one more time,
Amnesia is the name of the game,
Easy to forget, hard to find my way,
Phonographic turn to pornography!

Are still the fucking same lies?
Same fake emotions, I wish I could go crazy,
And my insanity, I keep finding my way,
Baby you are so unusual…

You seem to know me better,
Then the ghost I become,
Banging on the walls,
Sweating semen/ puppets I am!

You so unusual, are you an angel?
Or simply Satan toy?
But I am happy in my despair,
Until you cut the strings and falls down…

Time for cocktail, purple sweets,
A little blood of Christ to wash out it,
On the empty stomach, Sunday turn to heaven,
Tomorrow will there soon enough!

Lost between phonographic and pornography,
I trust the light and the cold nights,
Oh baby, whoever you are,
You still so unusual, so why haven’t you break my heart yet?


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Herve you hit me! "I trust the light and the cold nights "  peace.