BLOODY SUNDAY.     




   Bloody Sunday, I miss the screw,

Naked and wondering what I am going to fills myself?

Morning it is here, the night is long

I could play with myself,

Some teenager game,

But sadly, got to buy some foods,

How exiting, thank god

For the fruits and veggies departments,

I feel, like playing,

And feel my body!


Maybe I could dial a number,

And ask, do you want to be my hero’s,

Are you in the same moods?

“Do you want to treat me like an animal?”

I am so bore of life,

Nothing make my body shiver!


I guess I could write or models my frustration,

Call a friend and talk the same hollow words,

But I need someone to make me a man,

I was bless with good genes,

And too young to let them run away,


Who care, in the mid-time?

In beautiful grey London,

I am going to walk

Like I used to do,

Looking for my fixed,

Because I need something,

Emergency call, my flesh is warm,


Why do I like Sunday?




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am bored!

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compelling write!

compelling write!