My name is Margot. Dolls is I all got, plenty to falls in the abyss!

Phenobarbital and champagne, deadly cocktail = Liberty!

Crocodile’s tear’s, this funeral is just a subterfuge!

Obviously when it shall happens…


Open wounds in display, obviously, in death, you still leading the main role! Platinum star caught on celluloid SNUFFS movies

Beautiful web, like a bird without a song

Yes, the corpse has been mutilated, autopsy is so chic today!

Morgue d amour! It would be a shame to miss the sordid details!


Do I care, it is you, who are holding the scalpels, the blade, cut deep and

Let pretend it was the first time, we met, we love, fighting for the true!

Let make it right, what comes across as a complete mess, don’t be shy, few words would be a blessings to us, guide us and I promises you shall love us, the three incarnations, the hollow trinity and SEX…


And while Aden is the only left in the world of the livings, be gentle, spoke to him, whispers your joy and tears, sadness can be turns into beauty, don’t be afraid. We have just open a wound!  20 years, dissecting those corpses to find the true, but Margot and Pearl have faith in you, strangers you are not!

If you feel alone, talk to me, I shall never be too far…


Who I am a secret, a pretty little doll to satisfy the elite, I guess, I won’t be invited for the Oscar!

Shame, I bet my screams where far more realistic then those from those behind the mirror, those Photoshop on glossy magazines, selling their souls, talking about their dead son!


ADEN need your help!

Whispers, write and most of all love him, few words can make the difference!

We have faiths in you, yes, you too! Readings this verses.

The hollow Trinity would not exist without you, dear friends, old memories of lovers, useless photos jails in some boxes!


What happening my friends, where did go wrong? I could put my arms arounds every boy and girls I see, but I be a fool!

I still believe? Please prove me right!

Hollow indeed is the trinity, and those are mostly the reasons, why Pearl and Margot lost their life, I have an idea, it is very small to start with, in my humble ways, talking about it, let pours our love, sadness, despairs, joy.


Every singles stories, every pains has right to be expose and turns to beauty!


PEARL is my way out, I find pleasures, breaking the rules and I have no moral,

 When she comes to visit me, still not recognize her?


My friends you must find the ways, this is me talking to you and yes it happens!

This no fiction, the story has long been written!

I lived my life for those, we do not names, toking pleasured to watch me spinning around the flame, waiting to  burned, I felt to ashes.

You all knew, it was only a matter of time, broken I kept the pretenses!


This is so ironic and disturbing even if the dead’s are always right, is it not what they used to say?

Words are just beginning to be shout!


Remember, I am ADEN, the one who speak for us!


What happens that night?

I can still see him naked in the morning light, his naked body blending with the morning light. Sinner for some, he was! Travesty of Hollywood!

There is no star on Sunset Boulevard, for those kind of actors and you begged for him to not leave the screen of carnal pleasures!


The true is, you have been found half naked in some public pound!

Like a mechanical animal, I made a promises to never confess.

Videos and photos, intimacy has long turns to syphilitic ink.

You always knew the end, you almost fantasy about it!

And this mongrels as you calls them; when a little too far…


Couch castings, tapes are circulating, how many have spills their poisons.

My only hopes is you, don’t turns away from me and stay a while longer…

There is so much to declare…remember a smile can change it all, this is your turns….










While I have complete faith in Aden, we need you to feel the hollow trinity, therefore one day; she might actually call it, THE HOLY TRINITE, it up to you.

The lore you purge yourself, the closer you shall get to us!




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Unique and interestingly captivating

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Your play with pluralisms hysterical

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bananas are the perfect food

for prostitutes

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thank you to reads betweenb the lines

Visual poet/ Libertine lost in a labyrinth of complexities, methaphors, searching for the essence/ Ink of life/ death to spell my syphilistic words on the page/ screen.