Alone this night, I'm cold and still.

I sit with nightimes icey chill.

My mind is racing, thoughts abound,

wondering why you aren't around.

Heart is racing,

stomach churning.

For your call I'll wait, still yearning.

Where are you now?

Are you allright?

Please wont you get in touch tonight?

I fear the worst, can take no more,

until I hear you at my door.

I hear the key inside the lock.

What time is this? its three o'clock!

We trust our kids to do whats right

and not come home

in dead of night.

My mother told me long ago

they're only lent to you, you know.

How right she was, I fear she's right.

I have now become her tonight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

its hellish waiting for them to come home sometimes

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I just have to say I've been very impressed with your poems, I love the emotion and passion they convey and the complex language and rhymes, and how you make ordinary things sound so interesting and poetic. Yeah, well done. x emi x

PeTe's picture

Wow what can I say Andrea, liked all of them very much obviously from the heart too, you have a talent dont ever doubt it

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Andrea, I hope I got your name right in the other critiques...ahahaha lol.... keep up the good work... I hope to see you in poetices.com or email me at oddlyenuf77@yahoo.com thanks Oddly