You Inspire Dreams of Utopia


Dear Nessa
It looks like the beauty
That you always and
Ever held at heart
Remains too incomprehensible
To be shaped by the limited
Imagination of the stars


Long gone, yet within me
You've inspired skies unreal
On life I've banged my head
Sometimes I forget
But in the calm, I think of you
You inspire r.e.m. state
Dreams of utopia


I've died and gone past heaven
Swept up to a higher ground
To place where faithless souls don't burn
Just to keep other's vengeance hot
A need to feel superior in the clouds


I've caught my sail on the updraft
That's lifted off with the ragged,
Those only newfound beggars
Draped in a billionaires weight of gold
That which in an earthly life
Holy shit, did they did hoard


Pulled off their knees
With every other sort
..of unforgivable bloodsucking whore


That's how, in life
Us revolutionary types
To ignite any fight were inspired to have felt
Death pulled us from the struggle and we're finally united in the air


And I've caught my sail on the updraft
I've caught my sail on the updraft


I still remember the swept me off of my feet
And now, my first sight with new eyes is you,
Blowing this no-at-all-bitter, sweet breeze


And god only knows
That's not blasphemy


I knew, in you, I found a gentler,
Ever more forgiving heart
Than they read to us in those children's stories


Of god's only son
..It's not blasphemy


And so I've died and gone past heaven
Swept up to a higher ground
To place where wretched souls don't burn
Because watching any of the damned in torment
For one second in your eyes is too long


And the moment you went up to heaven
God knowing you made it better,
Gave you the keys to the city
A secret found at higher ground than 'on high'
Someone had finally come
Along whose heart understood let everyone in


You've always inspired these dreams,
Dreams of Utopia

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Someday, my dear friend. Someday again.

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