That's Just Business

Thought For Food

I put Gerber and Beech-nut
On a rat trap
It was honestly
Just smeared on

Some regular
Ol' piece of cardboard
No holding bar and hammer
Or glue paper


That arsenic should do
The whole trick


Wholesome baby food in a jar
Might as well
Feed your infant child
Paint off old walls
Coated before
Nineteen Seventy
Eight - Probably just as
Sweet a poison


Give me poison,
That's a crime
But if FDA approved,
It's just fine


That's just business
Who can blame 'em
For making a profit?
Like Boeing
Making bombs
Dropped over Bagdad
While execs are having
A sparkling rosé
That's just business


So don't give me poison,
They'll lock you up
But if FDA gave it
Two thumbs up


That's just business
Come on, man
That's just business
Who can blame 'em?


"FDA approved poison? - That's just business"
Should be a bumper sticker
Slapped on a car

Stuck in traffic
On this bridge to no where...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspiration courtesy of the comic tragedy of a muse that is our system and with specific credit to remarks from a person I know only by the (very apropos) screenname BigManEvil. "You poison someone, that's a felony. You poison someone and say the poison was FDA approved, that's just business."



*Also, I don't actually like to set traps for rodents. Honestly, I'm not much into killing "mere" pesky insects and it seems cruel to trap a mouse when I have cats that can either chase them away or have a meal. I'll probably grow into an old man who gently brushes insects away from the path ahead with a straw broom as he walks :)

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Presented by the folks who approved Roundup.

Timely write.

lyrycsyntyme's picture

Yes, sir. Those same fine

Yes, sir. Those same fine folks, indeed. I mean, Monsanto created the Agent Orange that was dropped on people like my dad, who went on to have crippling disabilities. How could they not be trusted? Thankfully, the FDA erased any doubts.