The Winter Poem

Winter, the longest season of all.


Deceptive sunlight.


A hint of frost.


Snow may fall sooner or later.


The evenings continue to draw in early.


Dawn is delayed.


The winter stillness lingers


Raw and deep and icy cold.

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I Read Most of Lil G Just Now

TS is not my cuppa, but clarity was surprising; he is usually inside his imagery so dense with allusions it is hard to follow without an Oxford Encyclopedia of Everything Possible on hand. "The Winter Poem" is the feeling of winter, the tempo of winter. Enjoyed (even though we have no snow in Michigan yet). It will come. It  always arrives and stays and covers and, yes, chills. - slc



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Have you read Eliot's poem,

Have you read Eliot's poem, "Little Gidding," the fourth of his Four Quartets?


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