Even tho we are apart and things are not the same between us anymore and we have both moved on with our lives after the brake up and went our seperate ways i still feel those strong, feelings within my heart and soul for you i thought i was alright and that i have gotten over you and that i was strong.

It has been two years since our brake up and i would have thought by now that every emotion and feeling i felt for you would have faded away by now but it has not gone away it just keeps growing stronger by the minute, i find myself thinking about you and how good it was between the two of us when i am up late at night and alone.

I know i must move on and put the past behind me and focus on what i have now and not worry about what could have been and what if things would have turned out different, for us but something is holding me back even after i found somebody new.

I still lye awake at night time and think about you and wishing every second of the day and night that we would have never went our seperate ways and that everything would be back to the way it use, to be i just do not understand how you can pretend that everything is alright when deep down inside i know its not alright and that your not happy.

If i could go back and fix things and make it to where we was still togeather and that we was alright and nothing could or would come between what we had i would do it in a heart beat without even, thinking twice about it.

People say what is in the past should be left in the past and that if it didn't make it than there is a reason why it didn't work out and they might be correct but something inside of me so strong, will not let me move on and let go of what we use to have with eachother.

It has been two year since we have parted and went our different ways but i still find myself missing you and wanting to be in your arms everynight like we use to be, and wishing you was still here with me.

If i would have known we would have ended the way we did i would have tryed harder to stop things from ending so bad and the way they did that night when we went our different ways, hurt me more than anything has ever hurt before.

I wish we could go back and change the way things went down that night and the things we said to one another out of anger and fustration towards other people and if i could have just one more, chance to make things alright between us i would trade all of this i have now just for one more chance with you.

You was my heart you completed me in every way and you was the one i wanted to spend my whole life with and start a family with and it's strange where that night has landed, us different places with different people and fixing to have a family of my own wich should never have happend in the start.

They say everything happend's for a reason and that if its meant to be than set it free and if it dont come back than it was not meant to be but it has been over two years, since we have "set it free" and when i saw you it sent a vibe through me and somehow i think that seeing you that day was some sort of sign.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated To Josh Phillips who i still have strong feelings, for even tho its been 2years since our brakeup.

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