Free For All

Free For All

There she stand's in the middle

of a strange place

with tear's rolling down her

face makeing

her makeup smeer,

with the


article of clotheing on.

Free for all to see and to judge

or do whatever they wan't with

her, sometime's i wonder when i

pass down the road and see her.

What if that was somebody's little

girl out there and her mom/dad,

had no idea how she is makeing

her money to pay them rent.

Every six month's at only 14

i wonder what kind of person

would, have their own daughter

standing out there on the street's.

For the whole world and every

man/woman to see that poor

girl, trying to do her best.

Just so she can put food on

the table at night, to please

her family.

Not knowing that their daughter

at only 14 year's old, is expecting

a son/daughter of her own on the way.

By: Heather R Feazel.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my newsest poem.

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