You'r laying awake in you'r bed and thought's keep running through you'r mind and all you can seem to hear is everyone, being on you'r case everytime you turn around you always seem to screw up somehow.

You feel like you have to walk on thin ice just so you won't make  anyone made you start to think of differnt thing's but somehow, it's still on you'r mind and it's like it's everywhere you go  it's haunting you'r dreams at night all you wan't to do is escape but you can't.

So you sit up and try thinking about an way to escape and it runs across you'r mind about maybe if you start to cut just maybe it will release the hate and  all the anger you, have inside of you for people you'r alway's around.

You start to cut and keep on cutting and now you'r bed is filled with blood and you'r sheets are stained with dark blood and you look down at you'r body and all you see is the blood you'r covered in you start to, freak out and you get even more pissed because you hear them in there sitting around and bitching about the little shit you do.

So once more you pick up the razor blade and you start cutting even more and over and over again on the same wound you have busted wide open, it start's to burn but you keep cutting thinking that just maybe it make the pain will go away again.

This time the wound heeld up and they almost back to normal and something inside you'r mind just explodes and you can't take anymore of it but you promised yourself in the start, if you make it through this time you'll never cut again.

But something keeps on haunting you over and over again until you come to the point and realize you can't take no more you can't handle anything else screwing up in you'r life so once more you reach for the blade and you start cutting over the healed up wonds on you'r body, and once more they bust open and this time you have really gone to far way beyond help you'r laying there in you'r own blood drowning and choking on it because you have cut so many time's that it's never acturly healed up.

You start thinking to yourself what have i done now and would anyone miss me or even cry at my funneral i know i took it to far this time because i can't even feel my body i'm numb all over and i can't feel any emotion or even cry out for help, so you lay back on you'r blooded sheets and the blood rushing out of you'r body and you close you'r eye's and you'r soul finnaly leave's your body.  

You thought you'r be happier now that you have no more problem's and no more  pain but there's still one problem and one pain that is getting to you now, you never thought about how would one person you care about most in you'r family react to this and how would this screw up her mind.

You arrive and you ask for forgiveness and just one last chance to tell the one you left behind how much you love her and how much you was proud to be an aunt to her, but god turns around and say's i'm sorry you should have thought about this before you took you'r obession to far you fall on your hands and knees and beg him please i'm sorry just give me one more chance.  

He look's at you and say's there is no more chance no more time to spend with you'r loved one's no more happy moments with the one you left behind, no more tears to cry no more heartache and no more problem's in you'r life.

So here i am take my hand and i'll lead you to an place where everyone's happy everyone say's what they feeling and everyone get's to see their loved one's who have passed, and their loved one's by watching over them every night and day.


By:Heather Feazel

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of the poem's i have written
awhile, back.

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wow...that was really thought provoking...sad..but really good...thanku for showing me this..i really enjoyed reading it...your great at describing emotions and events