Pretend you love me pretend you care.

Pretend that you need me by you'r side, no matter what happend's.

Pretend you'r always love me even in the end and after were over.

Pretend you don't need anyone else in you'r life but me and me only.

Pretend that i'm the only one who can make you, happy is what you told me.

You alway's told me that you'll always love me no matter who comes or goes and that no matter what i could depend on you but tell me one thing, what happend's when i get tired of pretending and i really need you and you'r not here for me.

What do i do then how can i go on with my life when the best part of me has already died you tell, me not to worry for you'll always love me even if you have to pretend to love me just so i will not doubt our love.

You told me to close my eye's and take an deep breathe and let it out and to pretend that you'r by my side and you'r always be by my side, but again i have to know why should i pretend that you love me and you'r never leave me when i should know those thing's.

You looked into my eye's and you said you loved me and this was not pretending and you'r speaking from you'r heart but what am i suppose to do i been pretending, so long now i don't know rather to believe it's true or just go along pretending.

You took my hand and asked me would i marry you and i started to smile on the outside but on the inside i had the question running over and over in my mind is, this pretending or is it for real do you really wan't to be with me or are we just pretending all over again that our love is strong and that we have no problem's.

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By Heather Feazel

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