Lover's Quarel

Here it goes again another cold night another, couple fighting i wonder what happend to their love that was so strong in the start.

I Close my eye's and start to prey please don't let another great couple's realtionship go down the pipes, i hear her yelling from across the hall and see him begging her not to leave.

I wonder what happend to them they was so inlove nothing could ever come between them now all you hear from them, is fighting and hatefull words about eachother.

She tell's him she never meant to fall inlove with him and if she could live that day all over again, she would have never even tooken the chance a tear start's to roll down his face and he try's to be strong and not to cry.

He begs of her just one last chance to proove his love to her and show her how much she truly means to him, but she ignores all his word's and all his feeling's and just walk's away.

I start to wonder even more about the couple  and how could they go from being the happiest couple in the world from not being able to look at one another she start's yelling even more louder, that she wishes he would just go away and leave her alone that she was happier without him in her life.

He walk's down the hall still crying inside and outside and thought's keep running through his mind of how could we have ended like this, my one and only true love now you see me on my hand's and knees begging you just one more chance and you just look at me and walk away.

A few day's passes by and she's all alone in the appartment and she hear's there song on the radio and she start's to wonder how in the world could she have gave up the one true, person who has made her happy every sense the first time she laid eye's on him.

She see's him walking down the street with this frown upon his face and she feel's even more guilty and she walk's over there to, see if he's okay and if they could talk he just look's into her eye's and tell's her no just leave me alone please you broke my heart once and if i let you back in you'r just do it all over again.

Now she's the one laying down on her bed everynight with tear's comming out of her eye's and wondering why did she throw away the best year, of her life and the only person who could make her truly happy.

He used to think that he would never get over her and that there would be no one else like her to walk into his life here it is a year later down the road, and he's married to the girl who love's him back as much love he used to have for the one who broke his heart.

He look's out the window and see's the girl who he used to love walking down the road with another guy and she look's so unhappy, and so confused but he start's to smile because he now know's what it feels like to be truly happy and to be truly loved.  

He ask his self over and over how could that have happend to two people who was once so inlove and so perfect for one another and in one moment turn around and be separated.

Lover's Quarel

By:Heather Feazel


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My poem.

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