Don't be afraid

Don't be afraid of what's on the other side, dont be afraid of what lies before us for i will alway's be by you'r side and always caring for you.

Don't be afraid of what it holds in store for us because i will never leave you side, don't wish you could take it all back when it's to late and it's the end of the road for me and you.

Don't be afraid of what might happend when it's our time to choose what direction we will take just take my, hand and close you'r eyes for i will always be by you'r side.

Don't think that there will ever be a time when your all alone and no one in this cold world will car, because i will always be here for you and always have an open heart for you to come and lay all you'r troubles behind you.

Don't be afraid of what you see or what you hear because no matter how bad off thing's get i will always be here for you, and always care about you remember you'r never alone.

Don't be afraid of dying when it's you'r turn to leave just take an deep breathe and relax and let it take, you to the place you have to be at that point in life.

Don't be afraid of how you feeling inside because no matter how bad your feeling inside, or how mixed up you are inside i will be by you'r side holding you'r hand through thick and thin.

It's time we get going now but before we leave there's something we have to do, neal down by you'r bed and close you'r eye's and thank god for everything that's has happend in you'r life good or bad.

Let everyone know just how much you love them and just how much you care about them so before we take this long ride you, have to go and tell everyone what's in store for you and not to be scared when you don't come around or call for the next couple of year's.

Now say goodbye to all you'r trouble and all you'r heartache for there is a place waiting on us where there is no more, heartache no more tears no more fighting and soon you will be happier just close you'r eye's and relax.

Don't cry for us just remember all the good time's we shared with everyone we loved so before we take off you need to go find the people you done wrong to and made them feel like they was nothing an nobody, so before we take this long road down the corner just promise me one thing that you will never change who you are and that you will always be the kind sweet caring loveable guy you always have been.

It's almost time to leave this world behind and yet you feel like as if you haven't done all the thing's you wanted to do in this life but time's running out and all you can do is sit here and wonder if that person will miss you or will they just forget about you when you pass but what you really need to do, is go as fast as you can and let everyone know just how you feel about them and tell them all goodbye and that you will always love  them even if you'r no where in sight.

There will be some who will cry and some who will laugh and smile as if you'r still on this earth but dont let that fool you they maybe smiling on the outside but, deep down inside they are crying and hurting so bad that the pain is getting to hard to control so promise them all you will always love them and that you will see them again in the next life that is comming up for you but please don't cry for this is the end of this life but your  journey has just began.

When your lying there on the pavement don't be afraid of letting it all go just close you'r eye's and you'll see what lie's ahead of you so when you'r scared of just letting go just please relax and alway's remember that i'll always be here for you and that i'll always love you so just close you'r eye's, and try to relax the pain will go away soon and you'r be happier and better off where the journey take's you.

Don't worry about me i'll be fine and when someone walk's up to me and ask's me what has happend to you i'll smile and say you could not be here today for life after death had better plans for you and that you'r happier and better off where you are at now don't cry because you left me and all the rest behind just smile and relax because you'r, in a better place where nothing or no one can harm you and i know you are scared but relax because it will take time getting use to the idea but it will get better and you will see that the place you'r in now is alot better for you than this cold harted place you left behind but please remember that i will always love you no matter what or who come's into my life so for now just relax and get some rest because you won't be alone up there forever i'll never forget you or the time's we shared and the time's you made me laugh and brought a smile upon my face i love you.

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