You Was My Angel

You Was My Angel

When you was alive it was so hard to get the word's to come out, i wanted so bad to tell you how i really felt.

Everytime i tryed to put the thought's into word's and tell you, it was like i frozed or i stuttered whenever i tryed to tell you.

I just gave up on trying but now when i think back on the time's that i have tryed to tell you and it felt, and seem's not that hard.

Now you'r gone forever and i will never get a second chance, to say or do those thing's.

When you was alive you made my life whole, you made me feel like i had something to live for.

You made me happy you made me smile from the inside out, before you came along i was lost.

Without a trace you showed up and you picked me back up on track, i would give up everything just to have that day back again.

The sadest thing is i knew and felt like you was "the one" for me, and i screwed up.

I'm sorry that i have let you down, i would have gave anything to be the one that died.

When you died a huge part of me died right along with you, but i know i can not be with you not right now.

That day will come when  we will see eachother again, I'm sorry that i let you down. I'm sorry that i can not be up there with you, i miss the time's we shared i miss how you made me laugh and smile.

You made me feel like i had something worth living for, and i did that "something" was you.

I know i need to get over you'r death, and move on but how can i.

When my whole world just came tumbleing down on me, and the only one that can put it all back togeather is you.

You'r not here even when i need you the most, you was like an angel sent from above to watch over me and help me get through my problem's.

I thank god each day for what he has did and sent me, you was my angel and i should have treated you better than i did.

I'm so sorry that i let you down, i just pray that you forgive me.  

I will never forget you  i love you, and i knew just how lucky i was to have found someone like you.

Just remember something there will never  be another you, someone like you only comes into my life one time.

Please forgive me and always remember that i love you, and always will!

Rest In Peace Jeremy Hazlinsky.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you jeremy you was my bestfriend, and we could have been more. I'm sorry i NEVER tooken the CHANCE.

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Jennifer S's picture

wow i cryed when i read this, you can tell how heart felt it was and it really touched me. i dont know what eles to say it left me speechless it was beautiful