A Special Kind Of Love

Why do i like you when i know these feeling's can't be true  why do you have this hold  over me when i know i can't be with you.

Why does everytime i see you this feeling just get's stronger why do i set myself up for a big let down when i know i can not have you.

Why is it  that i'm not your type of girl when  you are the perfect guy for me, i know that me feeling this way is wrong because i'm not like you.

I can not help how i feel it's like i get all quiet and have all those feelings of love inside, whenever you are near.

I know that we come from two different world's but that's no reason for us not  being able to be together.

I know that i'm not your type and probaly never will be but this feeling i have been having, about you for a long time and everytime you come over it's so hard to ignore.

If i had to i would change everything about me just so i could be the girl you are wan'ting, i fell inlove with you the first day i saw you but now you are leaving and maybe it's for good.

I just thought i should tell you how i feel about you and what kinda of hold you have over me. I also must accept the fact that i'm not your type of girl but that does not change the way i feel towards you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't even remember why i written this poem.

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