Eternal Love

I can't help but wonder what your doing every minute that were apart i can't help but think are you being faithful to me whnever i do not see you i can't help but think what's going on in your head whenever i'm not with you i love you so much but this love is tearing me apart from the inside i feel like im loosing you every min of the day i wish i could be there with you and show you how much i love you, i just wish there was some way you could see how much love i have inside for you.

I wish you thought of me every night before you went to bed and prayed that you and i was together so i could hold you during the night and tell you how much i truly love you.

But i still can't help to think that while im not there with you that someone is taking my place in your heart you told me you love me and i believed you i know deep inside that i love you and this isn't just some crush or fling we have going on.

I can't get my mind off of you , your with me everywhere i go everytime i see somoene it's like i see you instead of that person. I would do anything to show you how much i love you but deep down inside i feel like im just wasting this time and this love on someone who doesnt even care about me or what i feel for you.

If i could i would be with you every hour of the day and every night just so you could see how much our love mean's to me but it's tearing me apart that were apart and i do not know what to do anymore it's driving me insane and i can't stop loving, you even tho it's killing me in the inside to love someone so much and know that they do not love me as much as i love him i can't get this feeling out of my heart and soul.

When we first met i only had a spark in my life to try to find my way through the darkness, then fate brought you too me the spark ignighted to a flame and the flame grew brighter and brighter untill its radience overpowered the darkness and my fears were no more.

The love that i feel for you is pure and powerfull, no being no obsticall nothing can stand against it, for this is my pledge to you my love, to stand by you till the end of time. Why do i love you so much when all i go through is hell and heartache and not being able to sleep at night because i'm worried if your off with another girl and telling her all of the thing's that you use to tell me.

You say how much you love me and will never leave my side but as soon as someone better comes along you'r all over her and your telling her all the thing's that you want to do with her and how you wan't to, spend the rest of your life with her in your arm's why do i love you when deep down inside the lonelyness is starting to grow.

Each day that passes these thoughts grow more and more what happened what went wrong these are the things that makes my days seem so long I hate these feelings and how can this be our love that is so great, could it be in jepordy? how could we have let this person come between us and ruin our love and the bond that stands so strong betweet us.

The first day we met you told me that you love me and how nothing could stand between us not even ugly rumor's but i find it hard to see that now, that she has came along it's as if she is the one you wan't live with and it feels like she is standing in the way of me being with the one i truly love with all my heart But now.

He feels so heartbroken like the way he treated her in the begining when the other gurl first came around and now he want's  her to forgive him and feel his pain and what heart ache he is in from being screwed over like he's done her he askes her for forgiveness and just one more chance to make it up to her but she wan'ts, to but her head keeps replaying over and over the time's he's screwed her over but her heart is telling her that she should forgive him and give him a second chance but she's so confused inside and doesn't know what road she should take.

If she forgives him and take's him back she has to live with the fear that he may do the same thing to her all over again but if she doesn't take him back, she will have to live with the pain of not having the one she loves with all of her heart  being next to her holding her and confronting her completing the cirlce of her life.

For all eternity she pleadges her love for him as solid as a stone and as pure as a dove For this it is the end of our love wich i never expected to end so soon but this is how it has to be so you tell me so it, must be this way if it makes you happy then i guess i have to learn to live with it and For this it is written with his and her eternal love.

By Heather R Feazel

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is the one of the trials of love that i have faught in my life

Heather Feazel

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