Help me, Help you

Why should I suffer in silence?

I must speak only when spoken to?

Silly of me requesting your guidance.

My future being in your hands,

and my sanity under your control.

All your words cut through my emotions

and take a swift blow to my soul.

Making me watch as you destroy yourself

and lead me down your path of shame.

Everyone's gone, no one to point your finger at.

So I guess I'll take all the blame.

No reasoning for your decisions in life,

and to put me through this tourment.

Mistakes are made, wounds will heal.

But remember, I'm not a doormat.

To have to listen to your pathetic excuse.

You said, "compared to others, the chaos was mild".

Forgetting the drugs, tears, and abuse

as seen through the eyes of this child.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mom, I do forgive you. 3/30/2010

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Afzal Shauq's picture

sweet ...very sweet and heart touching feelings and idea..lovely you are